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Window 8

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We are pleased to confirm that Cellar Master runs perfectly on Windows 8

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 March 2013 19:10

2011 Quarter One Update

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2011 Quarter One Update

This quarter we are pleased to report that we continue to experienced huge interest in Cellar Master and better still, strong trading from both new and existing clients.

We continue to appeal to our three main target markets, External Stocking Organisations, Owner/ Managers of Licenced Premises (including Hotels) and Multiple Licenced Retailers.

Many of our new customers are discovering us via referrals, which is wonderful and we would like to thank you all for your continuing support.

It would seem that businesses that select to use Cellar Master also seem to prosper! There can be no guarantees, but when you measure and monitor; properly, efficiently and effectively, you can normally make a business stronger, better, more affordable and more profitable.

We continue to make improvements to Cellar Master and its associated optional product offerings like our mobile handhelds and weighing scale integration.

We continue to focus on keeping Cellar Master quick and easy “Out of the Box” with its lists of standard products, setup wizards and remote control support (where one of support team joins you on your computer using an internet link) all helping to make stock tacking swift and pleasurable.

If you have any stock taking issues please contact us, we will do our best to assist and /or point you in the right direction.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 08:38


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Cellar Master - News

08/07/2010 Buy Online


We have had some great feed back and having listened to this we are pleased to announce two new policies that we hope you agree, makes Cellar Master the only real choice for publicans ;


  1. You can now purchase a full license of Cellar Master, single site, without also having to have a support agreement.

  2. You can purchase this Cellar Master license online right now 

This is our full most up to date version of Cellar Master for a single site and enables you to do everything our Stock Takers System does.

This is an outright purchase of a full license to use.

Like all software this is subject to terms and conditions which are available upon request.


  • Your software pack includes
  • A DVD film introducing the product
  • A CD containing The software program
  • On screen video help files
  • An installation and getting started manual for you to print out

We also include 30 days telephone support.Our other licensing options still exist so please do phone

14/04/2010 We can now use data created by Supermarket Software business Retail Solutions in development. 

We are currently developing Cellar Master and our sister product Store Master to use the data provided by the software solution Retail Solutions. This new capability opens up new markets for our stock taking partners and new potential customers for us. This combined with our newest version of the our hand held device software to handle these large datasets is generating interest from many market areas.


Henry Catherwood, Cellar Master product manager said " Handling this amount of data and ensuring our multi-counter features are maintained has presented our in-house development team with many challenges".


"We have worked closely with Datalogic developing using the newest robust technologies to deliver a really exciting list of features."


"Most businesses offering this scale of Stock counting services have had to suffer the cost and delays of developing their own software along with the headaches and costs of continued maintains and develop. This as you may expect has restricted the ability of newcomers to enter the market. Cellar Master now has a viable, powerful, fully featured stock auditing solution for mid sized retail datasets." 


09/10/2009 Awarded National Stock Taking Contract


We are proud to announce winning the contract to supply all the stock taking software and equipment for a new national stock taker in Eire (Southern Ireland), beating all the UK and Irish competition.


What makes the win even more delightful is that the founders were all used to working with other (our competitors) stock taking software and the easy option would have been simply to buy one of these.


They wanted more, something to further differentiate themselves, from their competition, something to make them more efficient, yet also highly accurate. They wanted to offer their clients more than previously possible and for a great price.


The new release of our mobile software sealed the deal. They have now completed their training and have just received the first shipment of scanners, scales and software licences and they are delighted.


One key influencer they mentioned was how enthusiastic we all were about our products and that we kept our promise that adorns our literature by instantly agreeing to enhance Cellar Master to fit their requirements, at no additional cost.


Not such a major influencer but a nice to have, was that with our prices, they can also expand that little more quickly. 




08/12/2009 Cellar Master v 5.4 for Datalogic handhelds and Adams Scales


We are proud to announce the release of our new version V 5.4.


The exciting new feature is the integration into our new mobile software for the Datalogic Memor and the Adams scales.


To assist transport these safely we are now also offering carrying cases too.


The software can be taught barcodes and weights in real-time. This and the fact that Cellar Master can print barcode labels and can include barcodes on stock take sheets makes a compelling argument to start using the mobile device.






Development of a new mobile version of Cellar Master with weighing scale integration announced


At Cellar Master we do not charge extra for our mobile software or our food stock taking for that matter.


We already have mobile versions of Cellar Master for the premium MC range of Symbol devices and mobile phones and we can announce today that we are enhancing Cellar Master to run on the new mid range and very affordable Datalogic Memor handheld device.


If this wasn't enough we will also be offering the benefit of integration with Adam weighing scales.


Henry Catherwood at Cellar Master added "This is perfect news for the new or growing stock taking businesses. Each new staff member can be fully operational, creating additional income with a market defying minimal outlay."


he went on to add (as sometimes he does)


"It's my option that we offer the very best solution for Stock Takers by far. Cellar Master runs on low cost, current and efficient hardware. We offer outstanding training and support. More and more stocktaking business, having fully reviewed the alternatives, are choosing Cellar Master and we promise to work really hard to ensure they continue to do so."


A complete mobile kit, with optional scales, will be available direct from us soon. It will include pre-configured hardware, software installed ready to go and the cables.         






Version 5.3.1 Released


Utility Readings will now be associated with an initial stock take to allow this information to be available on the Valuation Certificate accessed via the Stock Summary report.

The layout of the Valuation Certificates (excluding the Stock Valuation Estimate) has been changed and will now include any Utility Readings.

Default Purchase Unit list is now populated when importing stock items via the Setup – Stock Items – Add From List option. It will also be set if a match on the Unit Description is found during the import.

Added options to include/exclude sections of the Stock Financial Summary

Added an option to print the stock take sheets with any entered quantities.

Totals have been added to the Delivery Summary printout.




Version 5 Released
We are pleased to report the release of Cellar Master Version 5.


Our major enhancements are our "Multiple Site" control features. These enable simple management of multiple sites from a Master Site or Head Office.


Group stock replenishment controls provides a company wide stock picture. It offers inter-site stock movement, purchase order production for delivery direct to site and also purchase order production for delivery to a centrally warehouse which will the be distributed internally. 


Larger sites including Hotels will benefit from our further improvements to replenishment / purchasing and customer requested new features to the internal movements and monitoring.






I heard Anthony Warrell Thompson, a Chef and restaurateur recently on UK television say;

“You could get away with inefficiency in the good times.”

“You can not get away with inefficiency in tough times”

(BBC One programme “This Week” on the 12th February 2009)

As far as I am aware, Anthony does not currently use Cellar Master to measure his efficiencies or inefficiencies.

Cellar Master with its uniquely easy way of recording, monitoring and analysing kitchen stock would be a great addition to any restaurant or restaurant chain.




Stock Auditors Multi Site Special offer valid until 31 March 2009*
New Year Promotion for Stock Auditors


Please visit the downloads area for details that include ;
   Multi-Site Stock Takers licence,
   Training at our training centre,
   Software for your office computer and
   Software to give to your customers.
Offer ends 31st March 2009 Please contact us for detailed offer pack or download it from the downloads page


*Please note that this has now finished but we are running a new promotion that we believe will be a great interest to stock takers.




Version 4.6.0 Stock Replenishment Ordering Improvements is released
Defining and maintaining appropriate stock levels is an area in which Cellar Master already excels. We have identified a couple of areas that could make it even better.


Download our Replenishment Booklet here


If Cellar Master is not directly connected to your tills, entering sales activities has been greatly improved by enabling an MS Excel template spreadsheet to be exported. You simply enter the actual sales and then imported them back into Cellar Master.


Being able to view each products average daily sales rate and to be able to view and amend its re-order level and re-order quantity, all from one simple screen, should enable you to quickly fine tune your stock levels saving valuable capital.


The recommended replenishment purchase orders feature is an established feature already within Cellar Master and with these two new improvements we hope even more of you will start benefiting from using it.  


Version 5 is due for release in the second quarter 2009.


Multi-site Features
More and more businesses are using Cellar Master to increase efficiency by interrogating actual stocks prior to placing replenishment orders and rotating stock between sites.


We are now building additional features and increasing functionality to deal, even more completely, with multiple sites.


Out of the Box Ready
Whilst remaining totally configurable we are making Cellar Master ready to go out of the box. We have achieved this by including the normal settings that we have used when when installing and implementer Cellar Master for Customers.

Cellar Master Showcases in the "The Annual 2009" bar magazine.

01/12/2008 Version 4.5.1
Revised and improved "Goods Returned Procedure". We have also amendment a report to cover the Vat changes.

01/11/2008 Version 4.5.0
Dry Goods (Food) Auditing Improvements

Having an individual stock record for all dry (food) ingredients, although highly accurate does take time and therefore has questionable overall value. To overcome this a new product type called “Ad-hoc” is available when creating stock items. An example would be Salads, Joints of Beef, and Joints Lamb, Veg. etc. For each ad-hoc item rather than setting a selling price you set the selling margin based on the cost. Cellar Master then uses this in the financial summary report to estimate expected income.

The recording of all the deliveries is made much quicker as you can simply select the ad-hoc item and enter the quantity and the price. A comment can also be added if thought necessary.

Known waste can still be recorded against these ad-hoc items therefore still delivering valuable analysis on your food efficiencies.

There are no restrictions as to where these items can be grouped but we believe that their main use will be for dry goods.

26/09/2008 Version 4.3.6
Additional features for stock takers to improve new site creation and even quicker inputting deliveries.

Our Hotels customers get improvements to internal stock movements as this feature now includes a full history of each movement. The audit gives complete clarity which is proving useful when identified shortages are being investigating.

02/07/2008 Version 4.3.4 Released.
Additional features for stock takers.
The handling of back-ups and restoring has been simplified and improved. Multiple report groups to further enhance Wet and Dry reporting.
The inclusion of additional Yield analysis
Additional checks and controls for Stock Takers

EZ Touch Integration
We are currently field testing our comprehensive Epos Link between Cellar Master and EZ Touch.

Version 4 Released and free upgrades for all users
Many new time saving features
Flexible pricing of goods on delivery by for example by the case
New Price Book module for both purchase and sales prices
A new module for internal stock movements. This was requested by our Hotel customers and has also been welcomed by everyone who holds and wants to monitor functions.
Many new time saving features for Stock Takers.
Prices held

For detailed information please visit our downloads page

































































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