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Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

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Key Features and Benefits

Your time - probably your most valued asset. Our objective was to make sure that we use as little of it as possible, whilst allowing you to gain the maximum benefit. Cellar Master is packed with power features that can be utilised as required:


• Pre-installed standard product data saves hours of setup time.

• Help Wizards assist you to keep your information up to date - especially useful when you only make changes occasionally.

• A Data Checker that you can run at any time, to let you know if you’ve missed any settings or made any mistakes.

• Dynamic Till links import Z report information, import Sales history and transfer new and amended product information to your tills.

• Multiple Stock Locations – greatly simplifies the process of stock counting, as you will allocate relevant items to location.

• Stock Movements Between Locations - ensures full traceability of product and enables trading analysis per location. 

• Stocktaking via an up to date printed list of all items which might exist in the various locations and now you can enter straight into your Microsoft mobile device by using our mobile software integration module.

• Head Office and Controlled site status enabling data to be pushed and pulled between sites.

Stock Factoring, Phantom Items, links to Sage Accounts, superb Reports and other great features all help Cellar Master to empower you within your own business environment, by delivering quality, dynamic information when you need it.
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