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Product Overview

Product Overview

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Cellar Master - Product Overview

Cellar Master has been produced specifically for Licensed Trade retailers, to assist with the process of stocktaking, accounting for deliveries and purchases, and reconciling stock consumed against income received.

Simple and straightforward, the software manages the whole process from the initial entering of stock items to producing a YTD summary of stock takes.

Cellar Master puts you in control of your stock through a process of measurement, assessment and action.

Fast Set Up

The Setup Wizard provides predefined product pick-lists, allowing products to be selected as required. Stock and supplier information can also be imported from Sage Line 50 Accounts.

The software accommodates all types of ‘for resale’ stock, from draught beer to tobacco items and snacks, providing a detailed stock and trading assessment.

Cellar Master categories can be set up to reflect the categories used on the till(s).

Easy Maintenance

Cellar Master allows the easy entry of delivery information. This can be entered at any convenient time. The optional use of templates speeds and simplifies the process further.

New product lines – and associated information, such as the number of bottles per crate - can be added quickly when required.
Cellar Master accepts Z-report information from the tills to reconcile stock used.



A key feature of Cellar Master is the stock recording sheet. The software produces a printed list of all stock items by location, greatly facilitating the process of counting the quantities in stock. The software has been designed to allow rapid entry of the recorded information. Cellar Master also takes care of the calculations, allowing you to record 2 crates and 5 loose bottles of an item. The software will already know that a particular crate holds 24 bottles, and calculates the stock to 53 bottles. You will not need to enter 4.417 dozen!

Cellar Master permits the production of a trial report prior to Confirming, to allow any mistakes to be corrected and Allowances to be adjusted. One Confirmed, closing data from the current period is brought forward to the new period as a starting balance, eliminating re-entry of data.
Monitoring Stock Items

Sometimes, it may be desirable to closely monitor certain items. High value items, such as wine boxes and cigarettes, can be the subject of a ‘mini stock take’ at the end of each shift, for example. When a product is monitored in this way, key events, such as transferring stock from cellar to bar can be recorded.

Reported Information~

After each stock take, detailed and summary reports are generated, providing a clear view of the trading position, including changes in the value of stock held.

The Stock information screen provides an ‘at-a-glance’ display of the whole stock position, including run-rate usage, estimated number of days supply in hand, cost value, sale value and margin.

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